Retaining Employees in a Medical Practice

I was quoted recently in an article for Medical Office Today, a healthcare newsletter that reaches 35,000 professionals.  The article 5 Smart Ideas To Retain Employees is posted on their website ( although you must be a premium subscriber to access it.  You can view a PDF copy by clicking this link: 5 Smart Ideas to Retain Employees.


Do You Have a Best Friend at Work?

best friend at workOrganizations in almost every industry are constantly looking at ways to increase employee engagement and impact retention. One strategy they may need to pay more attention to is one that sounds a little…soft.

Help people make friends.

According to Gallup, employees who indicate they have a best friend at work are more engaged, more productive, have lower turnover, and deliver higher levels of customer service.  While only 30% of the workforce say they have a best friend at work, this group is 7 times as likely to be engaged. Seven! Continue reading

6 Times When You Should Call Instead of Email

avoid emailI’m guilty of it. It’s so easy to do.  I’m sure I’ve done it hundreds of times without even realizing it.

I’ve sent emails to people sitting just a few feet away from me.

I’m sure you know what I mean.  You’re sitting at your computer, cranking out a steady stream of answers and follow-ups, feverishly plowing through that endless to-do list…

And then it happens. Continue reading

Successful Managers Focus on Employee Strengths

strengthsWhen you go to work do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day? If you answer yes to this question you may be one of the  30% of Americans that is fully engaged in their work. That is to say you’re probably invested in and enthusiastic about the work you do and thus act in a way that furthers the interests of your organization, colleagues, and customers.

But what does it mean to do “what you do best” every day and how do you as a leader work to ensure that the people reporting to you have that opportunity as well? Continue reading

Who’s The Boss? Why Docs and Ops Managers Must Be Leadership Partners

healthcare leadership“I want everyone to close their eyes.  I’m going to count to 3 and I want you to point to the person that you think is the answer to this question…

Who’s in charge? 


And that’s when I started to figure out the problem. Continue reading

You Need a Mentor. Here’s How to Get One.

Mentoring is always a popular topic when it comes to leadership development.  Mentoring, in it’s traditional form, provides the chance for lesser experienced professionals to develop a relationship with established or senior leaders in the same organization, profession, or region. When a mentoring relationship is working properly the mentee is gaining guidance, perspective, and knowledge from a trusted and capable advisor. The mentor is enjoying the opportunity to challenge, nurture, and develop another person, sharing their wisdom along the way. Continue reading

7 Skills Successful Healthcare Leaders (Including Physicians!) Use Regularly

On-site leaders set the tone in healthcare. They ensure that safety, quality, and patient satisfaction are top priorities by working to impact the level of service delivery every day. If you are in a leadership role in a healthcare setting here are 7 skills you’ll need to use frequently to keep your teams focused and on track. Continue reading