2 Things Engaged Employees Get From Their Boss (Video Blog!)

Free course clipLet’s face it: People leave when the boss isn’t great. And patients leave when the team isn’t great. The shortest path to patient satisfaction, lower turnover, and maximum effort is a manager on site who knows how to keep their team firing on all cylinders.

My company, Ally Training & Development, provides leadership development and management training to healthcare organizations. We specialize in giving front-line and mid-level managers the skills and tools they need to tackle the people management challenges they face every day.

The 5 minute Course Clip is a sampling of content from larger in-person workshops (1 hour to 2 days) I deliver. For more information visit http://www.allytraining.com

The clip above- 2 Things Every Engaged Employee Gets From Their Boss -helps healthcare managers understand that clear expectations and the right materials and equipment are directly tied to getting the most out of people. Ready for some tips, tricks, and tidbits? Find five minutes, turn your volume up, and enjoy:

I’d love to hear your thoughts? How else do these two things contribute to employee engagement?


2 thoughts on “2 Things Engaged Employees Get From Their Boss (Video Blog!)

  1. Great video blog Joe! On the flip side, I always tell new employees (nurses) to ask their boss about expectations beyond the job description. When manager and employee are on the same page with regards to expectations, then both are successful. Great advice!


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