25 Actions to Motivate and Engage That Take Less Than 15 Minutes a Day

employee motivationMotivation isn’t something you do to people. It’s something they experience when the conditions are right. Creating conditions that tap into intrinsic motivation will result in higher levels of performance over a longer period of time.  Research suggests that such efforts don’t have to take a lot of time. In fact motivation and engagement come from the continuous tiny actions, conversations, and reminders managers employ rather than singular grand gestures. To help you create an environment where your people will thrive here are 25 actions to motivate and engage that take less than 15 minutes a day.

  1. Ask someone for their opinion on a problem you’re facing. (“How would you…” or “What would you recommend?”)
  2. Write a thank you card to the team.
  3. Mention an upcoming training opportunity.
  4. Give voice to someone’s contribution.
  5. Identify a discussion question for upcoming one-on-ones.
  6. Follow-up on something discussed in a previous one-on-one.
  7. Hold a quick team huddle to do something fun or silly.
  8. Share an impact story that reinforces purpose.
  9. Ask about someone’s weekend/holiday/leisure plans.
  10. Make note of a team member’s unique talent or skill.
  11. Ask “What energizes you about your job?  Why?”
  12. Take an inventory of the materials and equipment being used. What can you upgrade?
  13. Make plans to bring a treat or take someone to lunch.
  14. Invite someone to lead a staff meeting or team huddle.
  15. Just hangout and chat with members of your team.
  16. Share someone’s contribution/effort/accomplishment with your boss.
  17. Call a new hire to check in and share your excitement about their impending arrival.
  18. Offer to do a task others dread.
  19. Invite someone to partner with you on an upcoming task or project.
  20. Have an employee teach you something.
  21. Point out an improvement someone has made.
  22. Remind someone why their work is so important.
  23. Ask someone what they’d like to try and do that they’ve never done before.
  24. Set-up a folder at your desk to capture accomplishments year round and include in the annual performance review.
  25. Ask for feedback about how you are doing and how you can improve.

If you’d like a PDF copy of this list to download click here: 25 Actions to Motivate and Engage That Take Less than 15 Minutes a Day

Now it’s your turn! What ideas, actions, tips, tricks, or efforts do you use? Share in the comments box below!


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