(Video blog!) Healthcare Managers: Why You Should Be On Twitter

Twitter graphicsGot 10 minutes? Last month I hosted a webinar on how healthcare managers can leverage Twitter as a source of information, insight, and ideas to help them navigate their jobs more successfully. I’ve packaged highlights into a 10 minute video (below). Continue reading

The Most Important Person On Your Healthcare Team

Healthcare managers“Either your employees are incompetent or they’re poorly trained. Whichever is true, that’s your fault.”

–Comment I heard a disgruntled customer make to a site manager, November 2013.

In healthcare we like to proclaim that patients and families are the most important people in our business. While it’s true they are the reason we exist and should always be the primary focus of our effort and attention, they are, in fact, not the most important people in our business. Continue reading

You’ve Got Employee Recognition All Wrong

employee recognitionWhat do you think of when you hear the term “employee recognition?”

I asked this question to a group of front-line and mid-level healthcare managers recently during an extended leadership training course. As part of a word-association exercise, they made this list: Continue reading