About this Blog

Mull portraitHello! My name is Joe Mull and I am a trainer, speaker, and learning and development professional in the healthcare industry.  I am the founder and President of Ally Training & Development, which delivers leadership development, management training, and staff development programs for healthcare organizations. I’m also the author of Cure for the Common Leader: What Physicians & Managers Must Do to Engage & Inspire Healthcare Teams.

This blog exists to help managers and physicians navigate the daily challenges they face. I endeavor to provide insight, advice, tips, tricks, and motivation to leaders as they inch their way forward in their own development. If you want the whole backstory about the blog’s title, go here.

If you’d like to read a more extended version of my bio, you can head over to my speaker’s page and click the About Joe link. In the meantime, what else should you know about me? I love MBTI (I’m an INTJ) and the profound insight it gives us into ourselves and others. I enjoy empowering leaders to see the ways in which they influence culture every single day. I believe there should be more singing at work. I believe every single job is noble and that those who work in any kind of customer service role are probably doing the most noble kind of work. I love hockey, musicals, action movies, everything Disney, fantasy football and cheeseburgers. Boy, do I love cheeseburgers. I enjoy driving leadership development initiatives, stumping for a high commitment to service engagement, creating shared purpose, and teaching effective performance management. I’m a dog person. I’m Daddy to Lily, who loves her swing set, and Miles, who is always smiling. 🙂 I like making lists.

I hope you’ll spend a few minutes of your valuable time perusing what is offered here and, most importantly, benefiting from it. In return I hope you’ll comment and share along the way. Thank you for visiting. It’s very nice to make your acquaintance.


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