Senior Healthcare Leaders: Are You Truly Helping Your Front-line Managers?

MGMA 2015 close-upEarlier this month I had the privilege of attending the MGMA (Medical Group Management Association) national convention in Nashville where I presented Engaging & Inspiring Your Healthcare Teams. I am a member of MGMA and, as I expected, had a terrific time and met many capable and dedicated healthcare leaders.

And while it was inspiring and informative at multiple levels, I noticed something interesting about the content.

It was heavily related to solving the problems senior healthcare leaders need solved. Continue reading

4 Reasons Your Healthcare Team Doesn’t Get Along

team conflictToo often healthcare managers spend their time dealing with conflict in the workplace. Many leaders I work with all tell the same story: their teams are impacted, to one degree or another, by infighting, negative attitudes, cliques, back-biting, gossip, and angst. The highly charged environment that is healthcare means these dynamics come with the territory, but often there are clearer root causes on teams where these issues are pervasive. Here are 4 reasons your healthcare team isn’t getting along: Continue reading

The Most Important Person On Your Healthcare Team

Healthcare managers“Either your employees are incompetent or they’re poorly trained. Whichever is true, that’s your fault.”

–Comment I heard a disgruntled customer make to a site manager, November 2013.

In healthcare we like to proclaim that patients and families are the most important people in our business. While it’s true they are the reason we exist and should always be the primary focus of our effort and attention, they are, in fact, not the most important people in our business. Continue reading

Is Your Healthcare Team Prepared For What’s Coming?

healthcare teambuildingIn just over 2 months the new normal begins.

A tidal wave of Americans who were uninsured will suddenly be able to use previously out-of-reach healthcare services. Even the most conservative estimates predict a flood of new healthcare consumers as a result of healthcare reform. Many experts think it will be in the neighborhood of 30-40 million.  Continue reading

The One Thing All Healthcare Organizations Must Do in the Next 12 Months

patient satisfactionThe next 12 months will be more challenging for healthcare organizations than any other period in history. The impending changes brought about by healthcare reform will provide access to care to millions of Americans who previously didn’t have it. This increase in patient volume and demand for services appears poised to strike at the same time that healthcare organizations are struggling with recruiting challenges, staffing shortages, and reduced revenues. It seems unlikely, at most sites, to expect an expansion of support equal to the increased demand. It’s not over-reaching to state that the burden on front line personnel and their managers will be like none they’ve seen before. Now more than ever healthcare leaders need to step-up their efforts to teach their teams how to attend to the single most influential factor in the patient experience: Continue reading