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JMA website screenshotHello friends! Thanks for keeping up with me here at my Inch by Inch site these last 3 years. As my business has grown I’ve decided to integrate my blog with my professional website. For that reason, you’ll need to head over to to see new content. This post will be the last one to appear on the Inch by Inch site. The best way to keep up with the articles, resources, and tools I share is to subscribe to my twice monthly email newsletter Help for Healthcare Leaders. You can do that on any page at Take care and keep in touch! ~JM


One Powerful Question To Ask Anyone Interviewing For A Healthcare Position

interviewHere’s a question you should ask anyone who is interviewing for a healthcare position:

“Tell me about a time when you were on a team with a toxic personality. What did they do and how did you handle that situation?”

In my book Cure for the Common Leader, one of the areas of effectiveness identified for leaders who want engaged healthcare teams is to Hire and Onboard Intentionally. This means not prioritizing speed or even experience in a search, but taking the steps to choose the right person for the job based on culture, needs, and “fit.” To do so, healthcare leaders must ask the right questions during selection. Continue reading

Don’t Aspire to a Stress-Free Workplace

zen nurseI recently came across this Huffington Post article on ways to boost employee engagement. While most of the author’s recommendations are grounded in established research, one in particular made me do a double-take.

#4 Eliminate Stress. Impossible deadlines or excessive workloads will erode job satisfaction for even the most dedicated team members…Strive to create a stress-free environment by setting realistic deadlines and keeping projects manageable.

I’ve been training physicians and managers in healthcare for years. If I stood in front of an audience and told them that to achieve engagement they needed to eliminate stress for their employees, I’d get laughed out of the room. Recommendations like this are what cause leaders at all levels to view engagement as nothing more than an unachievable ideal. Continue reading

Be Thankful.

One little gesture this week can yield big results for employee engagement. I break it down for you in this video that is less than one minute long:

I’m thankful that you chose to stop by this here blog. Please leave your questions, comments, and thoughts in the box below!

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Why So Quiet?

goodwritingIt’s been about 6 weeks since a post appeared on this here blog. If you’ve found yourself wondering “Where is Joe?” or “Why is his blog so quiet?” the answer is a simple one: I am putting the finishing touches on my first book.

Cure for the Common Leader: What Physicians and Managers Must Do To Engage and Inspire Healthcare Teams is scheduled for publication on November 1, 2014. When it’s finished it will be A) the most significant accomplishment of my professional career and B) the culmination of the most challenging undertaking of my professional career.

So thank you for your understanding as I devote my writing energies to finishing the book. In exchange for your patience, dear reader, I promise to share an excerpt or two in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by!

Infographic: A Guide to Strengths-Based Management

Strengths-Based Management is a key skill for managers and an important strategy for impacting employee engagement. Yet managers rarely get training in how to take a strengths-based approach day-to-day. This infographic can be printed and hung in the office of any manager looking to improve their supervisory approach. Continue reading

Resolve to Be a Better Leader This Year

new-years-resolutions-comicI’m a big fan of new year’s resolutions. While most of us can relate to the experience of setting them and ultimately forgetting them, every so often they can propel us to greater success. The most effective resolutions aren’t actually end goals but action plans.  I can resolve to lose 20 pounds this year but without a specific set of behaviors to follow, my resolution might remain in the “wish” category. However, resolving to work out 4 days a week all year long is a clear action plan.  With that in mind, here are 5 actions you can take to be a better leader in 2014: Continue reading