Are You Brave Enough as a Leader?

braveryThis weekend my daughter (who is almost 5) asked me a thoughtful question at dinner.

“Daddy, what is bravery?”

Several thoughts flashed through my mind in an instant. I wanted to give her an answer simplistic enough for her to understand but accurate enough to address the complexity of her question.

Bravery is when you’re not afraid, I thought, then immediately rejected that answer. “Bravery isn’t the absence of fear!,” my mind yelled. “Most people who have to be brave admit to also being quite scared at the same time!”

I decided at that moment to use a definition of the word courage I’d heard years earlier. Continue reading

3 Things All Leaders Chase

1_2_3-Leadership-SkillsWhat’s the difference between a manager and a leader? This is a question I often use for discussion in workshops and it’s one that’s been written about almost endlessly. One difference, simply put, is that leaders pursue the development of their leadership capabilities and managers do not.  Managers are content to manage processes, systems, tasks, or projects.  Leaders embrace the people-facing “soft skills” they must develop to influence and affect change. More specifically, I think leaders are those who spend energy cultivating 3 things: knowledge, practice, and courage. Continue reading