Coaching vs Mentoring vs Feedback: What’s the Difference?

Coaching and MentoringBrowsing Twitter, LinkedIn, or your favorite business blog these days subjects you to a barrage of advice about what you should be doing to lead more effectively. Become a coach to maximize the performance of your team! Nurture a mentoring culture to bring the best out in people! Give constant feedback to engage employees effectively! But which one should you be focusing on? What’s the difference between them? Here’s a quick rundown:  Continue reading

You Need a Mentor. Here’s How to Get One.

Mentoring is always a popular topic when it comes to leadership development.  Mentoring, in it’s traditional form, provides the chance for lesser experienced professionals to develop a relationship with established or senior leaders in the same organization, profession, or region. When a mentoring relationship is working properly the mentee is gaining guidance, perspective, and knowledge from a trusted and capable advisor. The mentor is enjoying the opportunity to challenge, nurture, and develop another person, sharing their wisdom along the way. Continue reading

5 Ways You Can Develop Leadership “Skills”

leadership road signAs I detailed in this post, leadership is not simply a set of skills. There is an inherent belief system that strong leaders have about their function and purpose. So how do individual contributors in organizations across the globe that are not in formal leadership roles begin to develop that belief system and practice their leadership “skills?” Here are 5 things you can begin doing today that lay the groundwork for effective leadership: Continue reading