Employee Engagement: It Ain’t About the Money, Folks…

pay and bonusesLast week I came across a LinkedIn article given high visibility on what drives employee engagement. The author’s three suggestions were 1) share profit info with employees so they can see their impact; 2) hold events like summer picnics to bring together a family atmosphere; and 3) share success in the form of monetary gifts like bonuses and gift certificates.

While #2 is spot on (cultivating team relationships is key to engagement), #1 and #3 miss the mark. Profits and bonuses are extrinsic motivators. While they certainly serve a purpose and can result in short-term gains in performance, employee engagement depends on our ability to tap into intrinsic motivation in each employee.  Continue reading


The Management Mentality That’s Killing Your Team

ineffective managerHaving specialized in management training and leadership development for many years now, it’s not uncommon to encounter this sentiment from some in the management community: Continue reading

(Video blog!) Healthcare Managers: Why You Should Be On Twitter

Twitter graphicsGot 10 minutes? Last month I hosted a webinar on how healthcare managers can leverage Twitter as a source of information, insight, and ideas to help them navigate their jobs more successfully. I’ve packaged highlights into a 10 minute video (below). Continue reading

25 Actions to Motivate and Engage That Take Less Than 15 Minutes a Day

employee motivationMotivation isn’t something you do to people. It’s something they experience when the conditions are right. Creating conditions that tap into intrinsic motivation will result in higher levels of performance over a longer period of time.  Research suggests that such efforts don’t have to take a lot of time. In fact motivation and engagement come from the continuous tiny actions, conversations, and reminders managers employ rather than singular grand gestures. To help you create an environment where your people will thrive here are 25 actions to motivate and engage that take less than 15 minutes a day. Continue reading

The blog has a name.

When I launched this site about a month ago I titled it simply “Joe’s Blog.”   As traffic starts to flow to the site I’ve quickly determined that the title needs to tell visitors something more specific about what they’ll find here.  And in this age of sharing and “going viral” that first line of a shared resource often includes the site title.  “Joe’s Blog” wasn’t cutting it. Continue reading