7 Skills Successful Healthcare Leaders (Including Physicians!) Use Regularly

On-site leaders set the tone in healthcare. They ensure that safety, quality, and patient satisfaction are top priorities by working to impact the level of service delivery every day. If you are in a leadership role in a healthcare setting here are 7 skills you’ll need to use frequently to keep your teams focused and on track. Continue reading

The Truth About Patient Satisfaction

Physician Talking to PatientAs healthcare undergoes a profound transformation, providers are being challenged more than ever to understand those factors that contribute to patient satisfaction. Having worked in healthcare for almost a decade now, I know this concern is not completely an altruistic one. The truth is it’s fueled by the one factor that always seems to demand attention: money.

Beginning in 2014 reimbursement rates for healthcare providers will be tied to patient satisfaction scores.

And with that, patient satisfaction- how patients rate their experience across a variety of metrics- went from being a soft performance indicator for healthcare organizations to a financial metric.  For providers of every stripe, knowing the primary factors that shape patients perceptions of their experience is critical for success.

And whether you realize it or not, you already know what they are.  I’ll prove it. Continue reading