Lousy Lettuce, a Rare Steak, and the Absence of Purpose

restaurantYesterday was my birthday. It was a little disappointing.

As is customary, my wife and I and our two children planned to enjoy dinner out at a local restaurant. I looked forward to it all week, as I do most of the cooking in our house. A good meal at a nice restaurant that I neither have to prepare or clean up is certainly a nice birthday gift.

When our salads were brought to the table, I sighed. Underneath the fresh tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, and oversized croutons was a bed of greens, many of which were black and slimy around the edges. “My lettuce is rotten,” I told my wife. “Check your salad.” Unfortunately, her salad was also in bad shape. Continue reading


Resilience: A 2 Year Old Knows How


Miles had a rough morning.

This morning was like any other: my wife and I each getting ready for work while feeding and dressing the kids and gathering all the lunches and supplies necessary to get us all out the door on time and prepared for the day.  Then…a monkey-wrench:

My 2 year old son ralphed all over the living room floor.

If you have kids then you know we simultaneously experienced profound sympathy for our poor little guy, the “oh-crap-we-don’t-have-time-for-this” shifting of priorities, and of course the minor gross out that accompanies a milk-and-cereal upchuck.   Continue reading