(Video blog!) Healthcare Managers: Why You Should Be On Twitter

Twitter graphicsGot 10 minutes? Last month I hosted a webinar on how healthcare managers can leverage Twitter as a source of information, insight, and ideas to help them navigate their jobs more successfully. I’ve packaged highlights into a 10 minute video (below). Continue reading

5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Make You a Better Leader

smartphones Ah, the smartphone. Ever present in the daily lives of many. According to Pew (in data released earlier this month) a majority of Americans now own a smartphone. A closer look at the data reveals that 70% of Americans below the retirement age now carry a sophisticated internet-capable device in their pockets daily. Certainly the conversations about how this has helped and/or harmed society are many. But can your smartphone make you a better leader?

Lots of articles have been written about how a smartphone can impact organization and productivity. I’m here to tell you that your smartphone can help you become a better leader, that is it can help you exhibit the qualities that employees value and respond to in the workplace. Here are the top five things you can start doing today on your smartphone that will make you a better leader: Continue reading